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Coffee Grinding – Requesting A Grind for Your Coffee and Home Grinding

Highland Coffees will be pleased to grind the coffee you purchase when you specify a grind level at product selection. Your grind choice will be confirmed on your invoice.* Because coffee holds its freshness so much longer when it is not ground, however, we strongly recommend that customers purchase their coffee in whole bean form and use a home grinder to grind their coffee. The difference in the flavor that is produced from whole bean coffee ground just before brewing compared to pre-ground coffee can be dramatic.

Coffee Grind Options — Information about choosing a grind for your order
About Home Grinders — Read about the available types of grinders

*Although we accurately grind coffees at the requested grind levels, Highland Coffees is unable to give a refund or exchange on coffee due to an imperfect grind since the nature of preparing coffee, especially with home espresso makers, involves so many dynamic variables.

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For questions or comments about grinding, please send an email to You may also contact us using the following information:

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Last Updated: June 11, 2021

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